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Since our launch in November 2015, our website has not changed much. I was never really satisfied with the design of our website and had decided to publish a new website for TeamGrid later this year. Well, after a few months of constant work, yesterday was the day - the new website is online and we all hope that you will like it.

A modern design

Our new look is characterized by many modern design elements that should visualize that TeamGrid not only offers the latest technology in its web app, but also puts a lot of emphasis on a beautiful and modern user interface. The new blue looks fresher than our previous turquoise, which has recently reminded me more and more of the Windows 95 background color. Granted, I'm very glad that we did not shy away from changing our primary color. Otherwise, it is not difficult to see that our design now takes up a few basic features of the material design and plays through large shadows with different levels. In addition, our new design is characterized by clarity and generosity. The new design gives its contents more area and thus effect.

More content

At the same time, a few new pages have been added with our new website. Now you can find information about our company, our values and a public roadmap. But the most striking thing is that we are now publicly communicating our mission and sharing in which direction TeamGrid is being developed. I am currently working on further expanding the information content of our website. Over the next few days and weeks, successive new content pages will be added.

Tobias Hieb (CEO)
Tobias Hieb (CEO)

Tobias (34) is the founder and CEO of TeamGrid Inc. Tobias has been active as an internet entrepreneur for 16 years and loves to develop smart, innovative and beautifully crafted software products that make life easier for his users. At TeamGrid, he is not only significantly involved in the further development of the TeamGrid platform, but also, as CEO of TeamGrid Inc, entrusted with the strategic orientation of the company and platform. INSTAGRAM CONNECT YOU