The calm before the storm


In the last months our blog has stopped. However, this does not mean that nothing has happened at TeamGrid. The opposite is the case - we have tackled many important structural issues and laid the foundations for further developing TeamGrid in the future even more efficiently. Nevertheless, we promise improvement and will now announce at regular intervals, which topics concern us.

Our new office in Berlin

In addition to our headquarters in Göttingen, where TeamGrid software development is at home, we now have an office in Berlin. Here at Friedrichstrasse 68 in Berlin Mitte, we will continue to expand our sales, business development and customer service. By the way, you are always welcome to visit us in our new favorite office. The coffee is waiting.

6070054C-A035-767D-B913-24E2D0C1FF6A.jpgStructure of the sales processes

TeamGrid is used daily by 120 agencies with more than 1,500 users. We were able to achieve this distribution without marketing and sales efforts. By setting up our own sales organization, we now want to carry TeamGrid even faster and further out into the world. We are very pleased to have Samuel Conzelmann, a sales expert for SaaS solutions. Together with Samuel, we will not only establish our sales processes, but also gradually tackle the international sales of TeamGrid.

Massive performance optimizations

In recent months we have been able to win bigger and bigger agencies for TeamGrid. Meanwhile, TeamGrid is used by agencies with up to 100 employees. The practice had shown in recent months, however, that there were performance limitations in large teams - because the larger a TeamGrid team was, the slower the task grids were loaded. Therefore, in the last few months we have completely redeveloped the whole task grid technology, thus laying the foundations for the further development of TeamGrid. Max, our CTO, has developed an incredibly smart technology with the new Task Grid, which ensures that it no longer makes any difference whether a TeamGrid team consists of 5 or 5000 employees. We are sure that even Trello is jealous of this "Masterpiece of Technology". Anyway, with the completion of the performance work, we can now fully focus on what we love most: developing great new features!

The resource management is coming!

One of the most requested functions is resource management. We have been working on this topic since mid-2016 and have developed different concepts for it. Resource management should help to efficiently and clearly plan the resources of an agency. Specifically, it is important that you should always know exactly when an employee in the future with how many percent of its capacity is fully booked. However, with resource management we do not want to implement a complicated Gantt chart, but provide an app that convinces with intuitive operation and overview. We are sure that you will like our concept. The development work has already begun.

Now that we have completed the extensive background technology work, the signs are green again to work on exciting new features for TeamGrid. Look forward to smart solutions and let yourself be surprised how smart the work in your agencies will be.

Tobias Hieb (CEO)
Tobias Hieb (CEO)

Tobias (34) is the founder and CEO of TeamGrid Inc. Tobias has been active as an internet entrepreneur for 16 years and loves to develop smart, innovative and beautifully crafted software products that make life easier for his users. At TeamGrid, he is not only significantly involved in the further development of the TeamGrid platform, but also, as CEO of TeamGrid Inc, entrusted with the strategic orientation of the company and platform. INSTAGRAM CONNECT YOU