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My experiences with SaaS Testing Phases

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As a founder of a SaaS service myself, you need to think about how you can enable your potential customers to test your software. Learn what I learned with TeamGrid and how our test phase works today.

As with TeamGrid, almost all SaaS services are tested free of charge. At TeamGrid we provide our interested agencies with the entire TeamGrid Suite free of charge for 14 days and accompany the test phase through an active and personal "assisted-onboarding process" - i.e. a TeamGrid expert contacts the interested agency to understand their requirements, demonstrate the platform and answer open questions.

Recent months have shown that this type of test phase logic has some weaknesses. We have identified two major problems here:

1. The agency must contact us to extend the testing period

If an agency needs more time to test, they must contact us via the support chat to get an extension of the testing period. The advantage for us here is that we are again in active contact with the interested agency and our sales process is reactivated. The disadvantage is that the interested agency may not request an extension during the test phase, as this process is quite a barrier.


2. Poor user experience when an agency wants to try us out again. 

Over time, a number of accounts have been accumulated, but have not made it beyond the test phase - in other words, our product has only been tested, but not purchased. For example, when we send out a newsletter to announce a new feature, agencies often want to test TeamGrid again. If these agencies log in now and get the message that the test phase has expired, this is not a good user experience. This is because the agencies have to contact us before they can continue with the test. Here an existing momentum is nipped in the bud.


Our new, temporary solution

Even today every agency can test our product free of charge for 14 days. At the end of the test phase, each agency can restart its own test phase without contacting us. In this case, the existing TeamGrid team is reset - i.e. all projects, tasks etc. are deleted. Only the existing users are retained. The advantages of this principle: each agency can reactivate an existing TeamGrid team independently at any time without having to contact us.


However, there is a better approach ...

In the future we will change or extend our test phase logic again. After all, it is important that TeamGrid is available for test purposes until an agency has decided to use our product regularly. This means that we will make our product available for testing free of charge until we realize that a certain regular use of the software occurs. Only when this moment is reached will we start the checkout process. Agencies can test our platform until they are really convinced. We do not want to build up time pressure and want to give the clear signal that we do not focus on fast sales, but that we are concerned that the agency really understands all of the advantages of our platform.

Tobias Hieb (CEO)
Tobias Hieb (CEO)

Tobias (34) is the founder and CEO of TeamGrid Inc. Tobias has been active as an internet entrepreneur for 16 years and loves to develop smart, innovative and beautifully crafted software products that make life easier for his users. At TeamGrid, he is not only significantly involved in the further development of the TeamGrid platform, but also, as CEO of TeamGrid Inc, entrusted with the strategic orientation of the company and platform. INSTAGRAM CONNECT YOU