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In the last months we have invested a lot of time in the development of new TeamGrid functions. Now at the end of the year we will ignite a big firework of new functions. The prelude will be custom fields for your tasks, projects and contacts.


Why custom fields?

Custom fields for your tasks, projects and contacts open up completely new possibilities to further optimize your project management. Here are a few examples of how you can use the new custom fields in a meaningful way.

Example of Status Mapping within Process Chains

Assuming you want to categorize your tasks according to an individual status, you can create a new selection field (dropdown) with your desired values (e.g. waiting for customer approval, correction loop phase 2, quality control etc.). If you have assigned such a field to a project, it will appear in the task details and can easily be filled with a selection.

Example for the collection of process-generated information

During the processing of a project, information is generated in different processes, which is integrated or processed in the further project process. The custom fields allow you to store this information directly where it is needed - in your TeamGrid task, your TeamGrid project or your TeamGrid contact.

How do custom fields work?

In the TeamGrid settings you can now create your own input and selection fields. The following types are available:

  • Text field
  • Multiline text field
  • Yes / No "Switch" (Toggle)
  • Selection field (dropdown with multiple selection)
  • Date field
  • File upload
  • User field (select a TeamGrid user from your team)
  • Number field
  • Array field

For each field there are also extensive setting options available. For example, you can define a title name for a field, a description text, default values, placeholder texts or selectable options.

In the TeamGrid Guide you will find support documents explaining how to create custom fields for tasks, projects and contacts.

In our next blog post, which will be published shortly, you will learn more about why the custom fields exist. This is just the beginning of a new, big feature that will be released very soon.

Tobias Hieb (CEO)
Tobias Hieb (CEO)

Tobias (34) is the founder and CEO of TeamGrid Inc. Tobias has been active as an internet entrepreneur for 16 years and loves to develop smart, innovative and beautifully crafted software products that make life easier for his users. At TeamGrid, he is not only significantly involved in the further development of the TeamGrid platform, but also, as CEO of TeamGrid Inc, entrusted with the strategic orientation of the company and platform. INSTAGRAM CONNECT YOU