What we want to blog about


As you may have noticed, we have decided to make some new changes to our blog. Our colleague Maik has spent the last few days adapting the page to visually match our TeamGrid design.

We also now feature the blog in the English language!


The new website is online


Since our launch in November 2015, our website has not changed much. I was never really satisfied with the design of our website and had decided to publish a new website for TeamGrid later this year. Well, after a few months of constant work, yesterday was the day - the new website is online and we all hope that you will like it.


The calm before the storm


In the last months our blog has stopped. However, this does not mean that nothing has happened at TeamGrid. The opposite is the case - we have tackled many important structural issues and laid the foundations for further developing TeamGrid in the future even more efficiently. Nevertheless, we promise improvement and will now announce at regular intervals, which topics concern us.